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We Make it Easy to Find Properties 

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More Properties

Finding the right investment property can be a challenge. As a real estate investment marketplace, Jensen Realty LLC offers a vast inventory of curated properties to meet your investment strategies.

Less Hassle

We provide easy access to our exclusive opportunities. We also work behind the scenes to eliminate problems, deliver a marketable title and provide a fast, seamless process to close.

Knowledgeable Agents

A licensed local Jensen Realty LLC agent will work to deliver the type of residential investment properties that meets your unique investing needs and exit strategy. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Thinking of Investing?

Here's How to get Started

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Submit the Form

A licensed local Jensen Realty LLC agent will reach out to learn about your investment goals and discuss opportunities in your market.

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Gain Access

Check out our curated real estate investment marketplace and work with us to find a deal that suits your needs.

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Choose a Property

Find a property to purchase and our agent works with you to close the deal.

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Build a Relationship

We work closely with our clients and make more deals happen with our team, who are experts in their local markets.

We Specialize in Investment Properties that Span a Wide Range of Conditions

From Light Cosmetic Updates to Complete Overhauls

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That means you can utilize a range of investment strategies

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Fix & Flip

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Buy & Hold

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Short-Term Rental

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Long- Term Rental

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House Hack


Questions from customers like you

How do I gain access to your inventory?

After an initial virtual or in-person onboarding meeting, you will have access to our vast inventory of properties. Our associates will explain in detail how our properties are sold and how the transactions will be structured during that initial meeting.

Why do I need to have a phone or in person meeting to get access to the investment list?

A Jensen Realty LLC agent works with you through the entire transaction process from search to executing contracts and closing. To get the most out of your search for a deal, we need to know what type of properties, neighborhoods and local markets you’re interested in.  We also would like to discuss your investment goals and strategies.

Can I use traditional bank financing to purchase properties?

Our exclusive inventory can’t typically be purchased using traditional bank financing due to the condition of the property, the timeline of closing, and overall structure of the transaction. These properties need to be purchased with cash or a lending program specifically designed for rehab purposes such as a hard money loan or private financing. Check with your local agent for approved financial options.

Can you use a rehab loan to purchase a property?

Certain ones, yes. You are able to use a hard money loan to purchase our properties. 

How much cash do I need to buy a house?

It depends. Factors that influence how much cash you need include the market, the lender and the degree of work the distressed property requires. Investors need a down payment to purchase the property, money left in reserve for carrying costs (like interest, taxes and insurance) and enough capital to repair the property.

Do I need a real estate agent involved to purchase your properties?

No, you don’t need a licensed agent to purchase a property from us. One of our licensed agents will walk you through our transaction process. However, you are free to employ a third-party agent to represent you (at your cost) if you choose.

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